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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Gift & Loyalty Cards. Increase your bottom line

Gift & Loyalty Cards Electronic Gift, Loyalty, and Store Value cards have become increasingly popular over the last several years. Originally, only the large retailers and chain stores offered gift cards to their customers, but thankfully, this is no longer the case. Through extensive market research and intelligent business relationships, CCNJ has managed to reduce the cost of this service to make it cost-effective for small retail and even start-up merchants to offer these significant business building products. 

We offer both a semi-customized program in addition to a customized gift card package. The semi-customized program starts with as few as 100 cards, while the custom card package begins at only 500 cards per printing.  The cost of the gift cards is so inexpensive that the decision to replace paper gift certificates is an easy one to make. Aside from its inherent applications, gift cards can also be used as substitutes for cash when issuing refunds, promotions, and generating additional revenue from non-redeemed cards.  CCNJ is one of the leaders in gift card sales, support, and service in the country, and strives to sustain and further its success in this field.

Which merchants would benefit from gift cards? Small and large retailers, restaurants and franchises can all benefits from a gift card program. Gift cards work well to replace traditional paper gift certificates.

Which merchants would benefit from loyalty cards? Car washes, delis, restaurants, retailers, dry cleaners, membership clubs and other merchants that depend and reward repeat business.

Why Do merchants benefit from Gift and Loyalty Cards?

  • Gift and Loyalty cards generate money for merchants.

  • Gift and Loyalty cards are great advertising pieces.

  • Gift and Loyalty cards encourage repeat business.

  • Gift Cards are the fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the country.

  • Depending on the state where the cards are issued, Gift Cards can generate an additional 100% profit for the merchant on unredeemed and expired cards.

  • Gift Cards are great to hand-out for promotional events.

  • Gift Cards can be used for store credit in place of cash or refunds on returned merchandise.

  • Gift Cards are compatible with almost all existing terminals.

Custom Gift Cards

Semi Custom Gift Cards


Contact a Merchant Services expert to see if you too should implement a gift & loyalty card solution for your business.

See our Gift & Loyalty Card brochure here

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